I met with 97 years old Bob Weathers today.

I’ve asked him to be on my personal board of advisors. He has agreed to do so.

Bob says, “Women are only happy if life is perfect. Smart men are happy if there are no problems”.

Let’s be part of the Solution.

brian patrick cork

I believe that the only way to get people to believe that you are good for their careers is actually to be good for their careers.

That’s the foundation of my own business practices.

Lets be part of the Solution.

brian patrick cork

I’ll submit that this image is of poor quality due to a hapless Android device in the hands of one of our engineers. However,  it is otherwise, a picture worth a thousand words, and millions, if not billions, of dollars (I’m not certain about Bitcoin).

Allow me to explain…

one_billion_dollar_time_machineWe recently took a call from a past client. I coached them into existence. They are up for an award with fanfare and the founding CEO had been asked to provide some historical documents. This included a copy of his original business plan that I had helped him put together almost ten years ago.

He was a bit frantic because they could not find an uncorrupted version of the document on-file anywhere. So, Belinda reminded me that we probably had it stored on an old portable hard drive (yup, its considered old” technology). We currently use iCloud and DropBox for documents and images we choose to keep handy. In any event, we probably have several dozens of these devices sitting in drawers and closets around the globe filled with all manner of historical documents and images. So do you, by the way.

So… Our team went to work for the better part of a Thursday first looking for old technology, then connecting it to various new devices for inspection. As it turns-out we found hundreds of business plans and Quick FACT Sheets™ (just call me to explain) that told all manner of stories and form something of a living record in terms of the life-cycles of a business, the trials-and-tribulations of being involved with a startup for real people, investors, and even partners such as ourselves.

Looking at the fairly long list of companies reveals several very recognizable logos. Some have gone through various mergers and acquisitions, with several “restarts”, as well. But, it’s a proud collection, and valuable on many levels. Of course now we are also looking in vaults for stock certificates as well.

More later.

Let’s be part of the Solution.

brian patrick cork

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