pick your leaders and heroes carefully

July 9, 2012 — 5 Comments

See: Brian Patrick Cork The timing of this article was impeccable.

I had two solid young entrepreneurs in my offices today under a boot camp and one of them feels if he raises enough money for his business (and, its a good one) he can justify leaving Georgia Tech. But, I also had an investor pop by with the guidance that he is unlikely to invest in a college drop-out.

Thank you Tyler. I love it.

According to a new analysis, if you want to run a tech company, you shouldn’t drop out of college. Look at media reports of top tech CEOsand you’ll see a whole lot of pixels and column inches devoted to very successful college…
Let’s be part of the Solution.

 brian patrick cork


5 responses to pick your leaders and heroes carefully


    The flawed logic that being a college drop-out is a good thing for entrepreneurs, is what causes many start-up companies to fail. I think people confuse the end-game of getting a college degree, with the process of learning the thinking tools one acquires (hopefully) through education. Starting a company is the easy part! Actually knowing how to grow it, hire the right people, solve the problems that come up as it grows, deal with investors, understand the economic and operational impact of your decisions, etc is where the hard work is. I get asked the same question from some of the young entrepreneurs I meet through my various activities, and always tell them to stay in school. For every Gates, Zuckerberg, etc. who dropped out of school and either had the thinking tools already available to them, had the right mentors who coached them through the growth phases, were at the right place at the right time to sell their company and never really grow it, or simply got lucky, there are thousands of others who could have done much better if they stayed in school.


      And, to be candid, finishing college demonstrates an ability to start something goal-based, work through it, and achieve a thing that still separates the minority from the majority.


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